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This album is brought to you by producer COMCAP from the Defective Collective Crew. It was a lot of fun and hard work finishing this project. It is limited to a digital release only, with the aim to release it on vinyl later on. For now, I still depend on external support to make this happen, so any type of donation is appreciated!

Amsterdam, 2016


released January 29, 2016

Vocals by Mogli da Foulchild (track 2) and Diza XL (track 9)
All scratches performed by DJ DATEone
Mastering: Mr Debauch
Artwork by Underground Architects (www.undergroundarchitects.com)



all rights reserved


COMCAP Amsterdam, Netherlands

Born and raised in the Netherlands and currently residing in Amsterdam. Fell in love with music at a young age. On a mission to contribute to a healthy state of hiphop music. Peace.


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Track Name: Moral XL (featuring Diza XL)
Lyrics: (translated from Cape Verdian)

"Nothing in this life was easy
fight 10 times more
Looking for a stable life…

Don’t you lose faith
Life has so much to give you!
First, organize your mind. Listen what I’m saying to you
Priority to the family, they never abandoned you.
Priority also to the friends who have always supported you

Like you, once my faith was low
everything wrong, no money, tired looking for a job and not finding
Pressure from the family, kids to feed.
Undocumented, and crime seems o be the only way out.
But get real, be strong,
that way, either prison or death.
(another voice: yeah, I know how it works…)

So keep your head up
don’t collapse
there is no pain without end
every wound will heal
A XL type of mind… it’s the way of thinking of Diza

If they can, so do you!
But you need to learn how to see without being greedy.
No need to covet the brightness of another nigga
you are a star too, know that you shine too
Be free
focuses on you
Use your intelligence to pick every clue that life has sent to you
Believe me,
At the end of the tunnel there is a light shining.
For each day, you have a new opportunity.
Stop complaining!
Bro, keep trying.
Motivation, bro.
I know it’s be missing some options, oppression!
Win. Pay bills. Bread crumbs.
But it’s my bread crumbs!
My sweat.
My work. My every day get up, early in the morning.
So, don’t you dare point me your finger.
Hurry with your ceiling.
Instead of being dead, looking for flaws in others,
“That nigga is fake. Got car, job, he already forgot the people from the guetto”
That’s toothless mouths, naked mouths…
They don’t want to see any guy living good.
They only happy when you down.
Poor education,
Bad wages.
With schedules, as if I was a sucker.
Six months after, they give you a kick in the ass.
After you sweated from Monday to Monday

No, no my brother.
Change it.
Get out of your comfort zone and search for your mission.
Lord didn’t put you in this world to follow crowds
Leave that job to the sheep who follow the system
We are different, we came looking for something else.
But shhh, be quiet, don’t tell anybody
A real man has to learn to remain silent.
No need to brag
Receive the message and save it.
Little by little you will walk, and nothing happened.
Came on, kick off
Keep your head up King, leggo."